Thursday, October 27, 2016

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 available for download!

Great news everyone! NAV 2017 is available for download. Download Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 here.

Download and start exploring and learning the new! :)

The versions available are:

Do​wnlo​​ad​Microsoft Dynamics ​NAV 2017Partner Translation Toolki​t
AU-Austr​alia​DownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
AT-Austr​iaDownload​Available in NAV 2017
BE-BelgiumD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
CA-Canada​Download​Available in NAV 2017
CZ-Czech RepublicD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
DK-DenmarkD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
FI-FinlandD​ownload​Available in NAV 2017
FR-FranceD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
DE-GermanyD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
​​IS-IcelandD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
IT-ItalyDownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
MX-MexicoDownload​​Available in NAV 2017
NL-NetherlandsDownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
​NZ-New ZealandD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
NO-NorwayD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
ES-SpainD​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
SE-SwedenDownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
CH-SwitzerlandDownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
UK-​United KingdomDownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
US-United States​​DownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
NA-​North AmericaDownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
RU-RussiaDownloadAvailable in NAV 2017
W1D​ownloadAvailable in NAV 2017

Blog Source : Microsoft PartnerSource

P.S People who are facing issues in downloading NAV 2017, Try downloading vis Internet Explorer 11 and if still not downloading then try this,

- Using IE11, Go to: 
​Tools> Press F12 (Developer Tools)> Click on the last option 'Emulation'>'Document mode'​> set IE 10 or 9 or 8 > and the download will start             


The download will start in Microsoft File Transfer Manager (like the one shown below), If IE11 asks to install Microsoft File Transfer Manager before the actual download starts then install it.

Keep Learning!
Ishwar Sharma