Monday, December 19, 2016

More about Developer Preview for NAV

Hi guys, Merry Christmas 😊 and wish you all a very Happy New Year 2017in advance. I really feel that this blog has connected me to a lot of individuals and I want to thank each and every one of you for all the support you have shown and  for the kind words of whoever has expressed their thoughts with comments.

So, Dynamics NAV Team Blog has recently blogged about what should we know about the new things coming our way!
  • Soon Microsoft will make an Azure Gallery image available that contains the product and tools to start learning about what we call Extensions 2.0.
  • Extensions 2.0 is the name Microsoft will use for the new versions of extensions – ones that aren’t based on the DELTA file design.
  • Making extensions with the new tools is much easier than the current tools suite you may be familiar with.
  •  We’ll be using Table Extension and Page Extension objects to describe new fields and UI elements.

My major take-away from this post of Microsoft :

(NOTE: The font written below in Italics or bold is taken from the original post and my comments are in usual characters.)

– The release is made available on an Azure Gallery image - Whenever this download is available, every developer must download it and start playing with it. We can expect a lot of new blog posts from various sources once this release is made.

The preview is for you to play with and test – don’t expect to write production code with it and don’t use it in production.

– Don’t try to write XMLPorts, Queries, Menusuites, or Reports – those aren’t implemented yet. You can run existing ones, but you can’t write new ones. - We need to wait some time for these objects to be included in Extensions 2.0.

– Don’t try to take your existing solution and convert it – there are unfinished features and you’ll probably be more frustrated than anything that the code doesn’t work.

Do write new code using the new object types – Table Extensions and Page Extensions. - New object types will be available with Extensions 2.0. These objects might have a lot more capabilities than what extensions model offered before with pages and tables.

Do write event/subscriber solutions – follow the existing guidelines on building extensions for the general design principles. - Keep using standard events and subscribe to them as and when possible to build your solution. It will make our upgrades easier.
– Do try the sample code we’ve published to get familiar with the syntax. - I haven't tried it till now. I will try it and then create a post soon. Stay tuned!