Saturday, July 04, 2015

Keep Header Visible when Scrolling through a Report in NAV


We get this kind of requirement in reports, so here is an article to guide you.

You may take any report for instance, I have taken Standard Report ID "5605" of NAV 2013 R2 to demonstrate in this article.

1. Open the Report Layout in Microsoft Visual Studio.

2. Click on the little Down arrow button which is to the Top-right of the Column Groups Tab and select the "Advanced Mode".

When you will click "Advanced Mode", A number of (Static) groups show up as shown below,

Don't fright! We do not have to do anything with all of these. We just have to use first 2 or 3 of them shown in Row Groups.

3. Now, Select the first (Static) Group, As-soon-as you select this group, you will see Visual Studio will highlight a Text Box against this group. It will be the first Text Box of the first row of the Report Tablix.

To the Right-side in Visual Studio, Tablix Member properties show up when we select the Groups in "Advanced Mode".

In these Tablix Member Properties set the "FixedData" property to TRUE, as shown in the screenshot in step 3.

4. Now we will repeat the same procedure for the 2 rows below the first row of this tablix, because these rows are a part of this Report's Header.

When you select the third (Static) Group, it highlights only first column of the Third row in the header. 

It is perfectly fine, just set the "FixedData" property to TRUE of this group also and in-turn it will keep the whole row visible while scrolling.

5. Once done with the above steps, Just Change the background Color of the rows in the Header of the Tablix control. (This step is optional, I am doing this so that, while scrolling the report, the header of the report does not look like overlapping the data causing confusions.) So do this as shown below,

6. Save and execute the report, you will be able to scroll through your report while the Header is still visible, as shown below,

Initial Report print,

When I scroll the report and reach the 31st row, still the report header is visible.

Post your comments and doubts, I will be glad to answer them.