Thursday, January 28, 2016

You do not have access to Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Hi Guys,

I ran into this error this fine morning after I restored a Database in SQL. Although, there are other ways to resolve it but I resolved it in the following way. I would like to add that the following method resolved my issue when I was trying to login the database for the "very first time" (Double quotes because I am not very sure if this solution will work for other cases).

  • Open SQL Server. Right-click on the database on which you're getting this issue. Select New Query.
  • Copy and paste the below query in SQLQuery window
delete from [dbo].[User]
delete from [dbo].[User Property]
delete from [dbo].[Access Control]
  • Execute this query and try running the RTC again.
I presume that a NAV Service Instance has been setup for this database and the Service Account used for this NAV Service has SQL permissions to access this database.

Once RTC starts, do not forget to add a user in Users before closing the RTC.

Please share your comments and queries, if you have any, I will be glad to answer them.