Saturday, September 24, 2016


Hey Guys, Happy weekend!

I might be a little biased with this post. You know why!!

If the battle is SAP vs NAV, then Dynamics NAV is what you must go for. Why am I saying this so bluntly?

  1. NAV is a highly flexible ERP solution.
  2. It has the capabilities which no other ERP solution provides to your business and end-users as well. Check out this link to confirm.
  3. Any functionality can be customized into NAV based on the your own industry requirement.
  4. And most probably the solution you need for your specific industry is already available in standard NAV or some NAV partner company has already built a vertical solution to meet your business needs.
  5. NAV is evolving - Every year a new version is released with awesome new features which help you ease the way you do business.
  6. New releases do not mean that you have to upgrade your ERP each year. It depends on your own business decisions.
  7. NAV has 110,000 no. of customers worldwide who use it for all their business activity. NAV has achieved this number of clients in just 16 years. Check How Many Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics ERP? Updated 2015 - ERP Software Blog to confirm.
  8. The trust which this application has gained industry wide is revolutionary. Well, the no. of clients in such less time says so.
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