Sunday, September 25, 2016

Disable sorting in a list page in Dynamics NAV - Tips, Tricks & Facts #1

Hey Guys, I want to share tips, tricks and facts which might help us in the hour of need!
And this is the 1st post in Tips-Tricks-Facts series.

So coming back to the topic, How do we disable sorting in a List page or Subform page in NAV?

User can sort a list page on any field in standard NAV. In the example shown below, I opened Sales Order and sorted the Lines (Sales Order Subform) on "Quantity" field.

To disable this sorting, follow these steps:

  • Design the List page or Subform page on which you want to disable sorting. And select the Repeater Group on this page as shown below,

  • Go to the properties of this Repeater group and change the value of "IndentationColumnName" property to 0 as shown below,

  • Now, exit properties and save the page. Run this page in RTC and you will find that the page does not show the sorting option on any field now and user can not sort the page anymore, which is also shown below,

We have disabled sorting on a Sales Order Subform page in the above example and likewise you can disable sorting on any List or Subform page in NAV.

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